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IP Monitor Canada currently indexes more than 181,000 events for over 144,000 trademarks and trademark applications.

IP Monitor Canada monitors trademark and trademark application events occuring since 2009. Our database is updated monthly.

How does it work?

To get started, customize your trademarks intellectual property report - every month, your trademarks report will be updated with the latest intellectual property data.


The latest intellectual property reports are available to professionals by way of subscription.

IP Reporting

Report Types

Use monthly IP Monitor Canada Intellectual Property reports to monitor industry trends and competitor initiatives, identify gaps in the market, minimise your infringement risk, monitor your trademark portfolio or watch your competitorís trademark patents.

Report Samples

Monitor opposition deadlines by monitoring trademark acceptance events.

Ascertain your freedom to operate by monitoring trademark applications by mark, owner or class.

Recognise industry trends by viewing long trademark term trends.


What is IP Monitor Canada?

IP Monitor Canada is a customisable monthly Intellectual Property report generator for keeping abreast with the latest Intellectual Property developments.

IP Monitor Canada is not an intellectual property search engine. Instead, IP Monitor Canada is an intellectual property event monitor.


Whether you are an inventor, R&D manager, licensing officer, technology investor, patent attorney, IP Litigator or company director, IP Monitor Canada Intellectual Property rights monitoring is essential for gaining comprehensive insight into the US Intellectual Property landscape.


Database is current to January 2012 (updated monthly)

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